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The dry-cured ham is a delicatessen’s product obtained through the processing of the entire thigh of the animal. Its processing provides the salting and the aging of the thighs in cells where temperature and humidity are checked. Its form is almost the one of a pork fresh thigh, either bones-in or boneless and could be cover by a layer of pork fat (lard flavoured with mountains herbs) added during the processing.

- The ham called “SAINT-MARCEL” has a minimum aging of 18 and/or 24 months.
- The ham called “PETIT MARCEL” has a minimum aging of 14 months.


• Italian heavy pork thigh (national origin)
• Salt
• Aromatic herbs Pork thigh Lean part:
- Water
- Nitrogenous substances
- Fatty substances
- Glycogen
- Minerals
Fat part:
- Bones and cartilage
- Rind

Variability of the lean part:
The lean’s quality could differ depending on the modalities of butchering, the age of the animal at the time of butchering, the genetic of the breeding and the refrigeration of the carcass. The fat normally has a firm consistency, white or slightly rose.

• Salt Marine origin (NaCl).
• Lard Pork lard, aromatic herbs, salt, pepper, rise flour.
• Aromatic herbs

Features of the packaging

Bone-in Ham:

- Net weight: variable into 10 and 12 Kg
- Materials: cartons and film for food use, or paper for food use.
- Delivery: stowed in cartons

Boneless Ham:

- Net weight: 7,0 ± 0,7 Kg per ham
PETIT MARCEL 8,5 ± 0,7 Kg per ham
SAINT MARCEL Vacuum-packed and stowed in cartons of 2/4 pieces
- Materials: cartons and polyethylene bags for food use.
- Labelling: label and health mark on the packaging according to the law.

Storage conditions

- Lower of: 10° C for the boneless ham vacuum-packed
- Lower of: 18° C for the bone-in ham
Shelf life: Indeterminable for the bone-in ham. 10 months for the boneless vacuum-packed product.

The culture of the Ham

Technical datas
The original with mountain herbs...
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Saint Marcel

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